RSL committee at start of Anzac Day Service in a group
Anzac Day Service 2018
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Mr Mick PrytulakMr Trevor CrainesMr Stephen Dyer
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MembershipJunior Vice PresidentTreasurer
Mrs Donna Prytulak OAM PHFThomas BennettsMr Geoff Scarterfield
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Please send all correspondence to PO Box 252, NORTHAM, WA 6401

Mick has been a member of the Sub Branch since 2006 . Mick is the Northam RSL Sub Branch President,  and is a past Vice President.

Educated in Northam, Mick joined the Army Reserves A Sqn 10th Light Horse Northam 1971. Mick served 16 year before discharging as a full Corporal. Over the years he became a Driving Instructor, Crew Commander, Acting Troop Sargent.


Trevor joined the Navy from Beverley in 1976 as a 15 year old junior recruit at HMAS Leeuwin.

He served for 20 years before his discharge as a Leading Seaman in 1996. During that time he served on HMA Ships Melbourne, Tobruk, Sydney, Brisbane, and Moresby. He served on HMAS Sydney during the first Gulf War.

Steve – an ex-RN Submariner, emigrated to Australia in 1971.

He joined RSLWA in 1973 as a member at Bellevue RSL. He has been a member of Northam Sub branch for about four years.

Northam-educated, Donna joined the Army Reserves in 1977.   She became the first female to join 10th Light Horse in  Northam. She served for 10  years before leaving as a full Corporal.

 Living in Northam, she took the opportunity to help 5 Training Group at the Northam Army Camp.
 She served as an Officer with the Australian Army Cadets for two years and  chaperoned a group of three young cadets to India. While there, she met the then Prime  Minister Mrs Indira Ghandi as well as the President of India.

Donna has been a member of the Sub Branch since 2006, past member of the RSL WA Board, past RSL WA Vice President, a past Northam RSL Sub Branch President. Currently Membership Officer.
Donna was award the Rotary Paul Harris Fellow a few years back and in 2020 Donna was awarded an OAM for her Veteran and their Families work and awarded a Life Membership for RSL.

Thomas is our Junior Vice President of the sub-branch. He has been an affiliate since 2009.

His father is a former member of the sub-branch, having served in the RAAF in the 1960’s. He has lived in Northam for close to 20 years. He is an accountant by trade and has a fascination with computers.

Geoff was born and raised in Northam, and subsequently, educated at Northam Primary and then Northam Senior High School.

He completed two year’s National Service from April 1969 until April 1971 during which time he was a member of 4 platoon B Company of the Second Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment ( 2RAR ). He served in South Vietnam from May 1970 until February 1971 as a rifleman and the platoon medic, participating in all the battalion’s operations during this period.

Geoff joined the Northam RSL sub branch in 1986 and became the branch’s treasurer the following year and has remained in that position to the present. He was awarded Life Membership of the RSL in 2014.

Sub Branch Warden Jim Donovan